Why I Can’t Live Without Sex

I’ll admit it – I love sex and I love to fuck.

I’m not a woman who’s afraid to admit that she loves sex.  I’m not afraid of being judged.  I’m not afraid of being slut-shamed.

Yesterday, my husband asked me if I could live without sex (because right now I’m working with a lot of people whose partner doesn’t want sex).

And my response was hell no!

And then he asked me why…

  1. I love sex – everything about it!  Need I say more?

  2. I love having orgasms and the blissful high I receive.  It’s better than any drug you could ever take.

  3. I love the deep, meditative connection that I achieve with him and the universe during sex.  It’s one of two times that your mind is shut off and you can actually achieve a deep meditative state.  It truly is better than meditating.  Besides the oxytocin that gets released during orgasms that brings you closer to your partner, this meditative state is the union of two souls… while you’re expanded out into the universe.  This alone would never allow me to stop wanting sex.  It’s just that powerful and mind-boggling…

  4. I love the sensuality of feeling 2 bodies come together.  It’s just delicious…

  5. I love the wisdom that flows after an amazing orgasm.  I’ve written an entire e-book after having 1 orgasm (or maybe it was a few).  If you don’t know what I’m talking about – try doing something creative such as writing a blog post or painting… and if no creativity is flowing, go have an orgasm, and return to your project.  It’ll get done 5x faster… I promise you!

  6. I’m always turned on – it would require too much effort to repress my sexual needs, wants and desires.  But just because I’m always turned on doesn’t mean that I have sex every single day.  I channel my sexual energy into my life to assist me in creating.  If I didn’t want sex, I wouldn’t be turned on, and I wouldn’t have an abundance of sexual energy to draw on to manifest my magnificent life.

Your sexuality is a part of who you are.  It’s a part of nature.

You were born out of sexual energy.  It’s your life force energy.

If you have blocked it or stifled it in any way, shape or form, it will manifest as dis-ease (physically, mentally or emotionally) such as sexual ailments, low libido, painful sex, PMS symptoms, cysts, cancer of the sex organs, or even a hysterectomy.

In a relationship, sex is the sacred act between you and your partner that bonds you and brings you closer together. If you don’t want sex, and don’t want your partner going anywhere else to get their needs met, then you are not only stifling your own sexual energy, but you are also stifling your partners sexual energy.

And the dis-ease that will manifest in them is anger, resentment, frustration, tension, infidelity, guilt, etc.
Don’t just want sex because it’s a relationship obligation or because I’m telling you to – want it because you’re a sexual being with sexual needs, wants and desires.

Because you desire the health benefits and the connection to the universe that it offers.

Because it awakens the most powerful healing energy in the universe.

Because you desire pleasure, and pleasure is your birthright!

But do you know what’s stopping you, as a woman, from embracing your sexuality and unleashing the inner sexual goddess that you truly be?

There are 3 main reasons:

  1. Your limiting belief systems and programming.  You were taught as a child that Santa Claus is real, but eventually questioned that belief and let it go, right?  Well, you were also taught as a child that good girls don’t like sex and sex is a sin, but even as an adult, you don’t question that and don’t know how to let that belief go.  Your mind is the only thing stopping you from embracing your sexuality and making pleasure a priority.

  2. You’re afraid of being judged, slut-shamed, and gossiped about.  However, most men don’t judge that a woman that is too sexual.  If anything, a man will be more turned on by the fact that you love sex.  The majority of the time, it’s women judging women.  And the only reason other women will judge you is because they’re in judgment of themselves. They’re not really judging you.

    ​Their mind works like this… “How dare she wear something like that (because I never could)” Or… “Who does she think she is to be that sexual (because I never could)” And if all of the attention is on you, because you’re radiating your sexual energy which draws attention, then women will judge you to pull you back down so you’re not the center of attention instead of applauding you.  Women are competitive because of their jealousies and insecurities.

  3. You don’t know pleasure.  If you struggle having an orgasm, then sex doesn’t reward you with pleasure, therefore sex doesn’t become a priority.  I can’t live without sex because of the multiple ways it gives me pleasure, and I love pleasure.  Trust me, if you could have spine-tingling orgasms that leave you feeling high afterwards, you would want sex more than your man.

So let go of your belief systems (B.S.), stop fearing being judged by other women, get to know your body and how to orgasm, and embody your sexuality freely!