Why Does Every Woman Need A Yoni Egg?


I’m sure that is probably your first thought, along with many other questions, but first, let me ask you some questions:

  • are you tired of peeing every time you laugh or sneeze?

  • does it sound like a herd of wildebeests has escaped from your vagina when you come down from an inversion in yoga?

  • do you want to prevent your sexual organs from nearly falling out of your vagina?

If you’re one of those women who have pushed infants the size of small watermelons through your vaginal canal, then you definitely need to keep reading…

I have to admit to you that 99% of women have weak pelvic floors – and you don’t have to have a baby to experience peeing every time you laugh or sneeze. This is more common today than most women think.

And I’m sure your mama told you to do your kegels (you know, that exercise where you squeeze those muscles that stop your urine midflow)… but I hate to break the news to you…


Think about it… if you go to the gym, and merely squeeze your bicep muscle 30 times, is it going to get stronger?


And your pelvic floor muscles are no different than your bicep muscle or your glute muscles. They need to be strengthened with resistance or weights. And that’s where yoni eggs come in to play.

So here we go! Put down those FitBits and grab some yoni eggs. Vaginal kung fu and strong pelvic floors are where it’s at!

On a serious note, I see women struggling with their sexuality in my practice all the time. A lot of my female patients checkmark the boxes for low libido, painful sex, irregular and painful periods, miserable menopausal symptoms, and/or hysterectomy.

Can you believe I’ve had patients as young as 25 have a hysterectomy – where all of their vital sexual organs have been removed?

Your sexuality is a part of who you are. Pleasure is your birthright – as a woman, you have a body part that was designed for 1 purpose and 1 purpose alone… PLEASURE. (That body part is your clitoris, in case you didn’t know.)

It wasn’t unheard of for Ayurvedic Medicine doctors to prescribe sex and more orgasms for many different ailments thousands of years ago. Not even that long ago in the late 1800’s, medical doctors would treat women for ‘hysteria’ by masturbating them to orgasm… until one doctor developed carpal tunnel syndrome and invented the vibrator.

Sexual energy is the most powerful healing energy in the universe; it was once considered to be the key to longevity, the fountain of youth, and immortality, as well as the secret to attracting anything you desire. That ancient knowledge has been lost over the thousands of years that we migrated from ayurvedic medicine to allopathic medicine where every dis-ease requires a pill.

And the pharmaceutical companies have been in the process of developing a drug for ‘female sexual dysfunction’ – a dis-ease that was created in a boardroom in order to get the drug approved by the FDA.

Let’s look a little closer at just how much women are struggling with their sexuality:

  • 97% of women judge their body at least 13x/day

  • 80% of women dislike their body

  • 46% of those women who judge their body are unable to reach orgasm

  • 43% of women have ‘female sexual dysfunction’

  • 90% of women said their orgasm problems are psychological in nature

  • 10% of women have never had an orgasm

  • 33% of women can’t find their sweet g-spot

  • 100% of women who can’t find their g-spot rarely have orgasms

  • 29% of women are unable to label the clitoris on a diagram

  • 87% of women are sexually unsatisfied

  • 99% of women have a weak pelvic floor

  • 50% of mothers experience incontinence and prolapse

  • 67% of marriages end in divorce

  • 65% of divorces are initiated by women

Are these stats related? You better believe they are! Having worked with thousands of women, I can whole-heartedly say they are related and the root cause lies in your pelvic floor. Did you know that 67% of women who have a strong pelvic floor have twice as many orgasms, can ejaculate easier, AND can become multi-orgasmic?

Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Women are not taught to be free in who they are as feminine women – instead they are programmed to not like their body and to not like pleasure. As a result, we have a soaring rise in body image issues, eating disorders, obesity, depression, gender confusion, sexual dysfunction, unhappiness, and divorces.

Not to mention, more American women have died from breast cancer in the last 20 years than the number of Americans killed in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War… COMBINED!

Sexual repression leads to dis-ease of your sexuality – endometriosis, cervical cancer, breast cancer, fibroids, cysts, painful sex, irregular and painful periods, decreased libido and pelvic inflammatory disease just to name a few. Those who have completely shut off their sexuality literally create their sexuality being cut out of them, as performed in a hysterectomy.

So how can a yoni egg help you?

  1. It serves as a key tool in cultivating sexual energy. Sexual energy is the most powerful healing force known to man and is often referred to as the “Fountain of Youth.”

  2. It strengthens the vaginal and lower pelvic floor muscles preventing issues related to a weak pelvic floor. (i.e. prolapse & incontinence)

  3. It heals the entire body. There are reflexology points within the vagina that the jade egg will be massaging, thereby promoting healing throughout the entire body.

  4. It creates a better connection with self. A heart connection is very important for women, and the jade egg practice connects women to their heart centers. Women learn to integrate their feminine, sensual, sexual self in all parts of their lives through this practice.

  5. It serves as a gateway for women to connect to their femininity. The jade egg practice requires women to slow down and become aware of their body, disconnecting from the fast-paced, masculine driven society that we are living in.

  6. It enhances women’s orgasms. Women in today’s society are disconnected from their sexuality, and their vaginas. By bringing awareness to their vagina and regaining elasticity of the surrounding muscles, their orgasms will become stronger and more intense. 67% of women who have strong pelvic floors have twice as many orgasms.

And here are just a few of the orgasmic benefits of using yoni eggs:

  • Strengthens, tones, and tightens vaginal and pelvic floor muscles

  • Prevents prolapse and incontinence

  • Increases lubrication, blood flow, & vaginal sensitivity

  • Develops stronger, more intense orgasms

  • Increases sexual pleasure, ability to ejaculate, and become multi-orgasmic

  • Regulates and shortens menstrual cycle

  • Decreases menstrual cramps

  • Maintains healthy reproductive organs improving pelvic and bladder health

  • Eases symptoms during menopausal years

  • Balances your hormones

  • Improves fertility

  • Eliminates toxins from the body

  • Cultivates sexual energy

  • Increases awareness of sexual center and opens up energy flow through the meridians

  • Removes stored trauma from vaginal tissues (emotional, energetic, physical; i.e. painful sex)

  • Prepares you for childbirth and decreases recovery time after child birth

  • Prevents diseases such as uterine cancer, bladder infections, endometriosis, fibroids, myomas, cysts, ongoing bleeding, etc.

  • & so much more!

So what are you waiting for? Get your yoni egg today and start healing your body with pleasure in one of my upcoming yoni egg classes.