The War On Masturbation

There’s a war going on… and it’s not the kind of war you’d guess…

The topic of masturbation has now become the new battlefield.

The Housing and Student Living Office at Brigham Young University has created a video to help stop this ugly war.

Kim B. Clark, president of BYU, narrates the video and admonishes his students that not reporting your masturbating roommate to your friendly Bishop is equatable to leaving a wounded soldier to die on the battlefield.

Grab a sneak peak of it below:

For more information on how to cure your need to rub the devil, there is an entire pamphlet with over 20 steps on how to control your sinful pleasures.

The pamphlet begins by assuring chronic masturbators that there is indeed hope:

Be assured that you can be cured of your difficulty.  Many have been, both male and female, and you can be also if you determine that it must be so.

The word ‘cure’ implies that this is a disease.

My question to anyone who believes that masturbation is a “sin”:

If your body was created under whatever higher power that you believe in, then why did that higher power create a female body with an organ designed merely for pleasure, and pleasure alone?

Granted, you can argue with me that a male body doesn’t have a body part designed for pleasure alone, however, why is it that the act that leads to pro-creation brings us such PLEASURE?  Why did this higher power create a body that is capable of receiving sensory input that is registered in the brain as bliss and ecstasy if any activity that involves pleasure is deemed wrong?

We are, after all, sensual and sexual beings.

In my opinion, masturbation serves a few purposes:

  1. It allows you to get to know your body, what turns you on, and what doesn’t turn you on.

  2. It allows you to cultivate self love.  (If you can’t love you, how can you love another?)

  3. It allows you to be pickier with lovers.

  4. It allows you a safe way to receive the same pleasure that you would from sex, without the risk of getting pregnant or an STD.

  5. It helps connect you to your higher power.

  6. It facilitates orgasms which lead to an array of health benefits.

  7. It releases endorphins, the happy molecules, making you happier.

Support for these above views, and for making it a part of the American sex education curriculum, led to the dismissal of US Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders during the Clinton administration.  Yet it’s interesting to find that masturbation is supported in the sex education programs in most of the European nations – which rank among the lowest teen birth rates, rape rates, sexual abuse rates, and prostitution rates. Instead, the North American society thinks it’s best to avoid pleasure at all costs.

Let’s look at other religious beliefs on masturbation:

Masturbation from a Buddhist viewpoint is a carnal desire and often considered a craving, which cravings are viewed as problematic for those who wish to attain the highest goal of enlightenment.

The Catholic Church teaches that, “Masturbation constitutes a grave moral disorder,” and that “both the Magisterium of the Church — in the course of a constant tradition — and the moral sense of the faithful have declared without hesitation that masturbation is an intrinsically and seriously disordered act.”   In addition, the Church refers to all other sexual activity, including homosexual acts, acts of sodomy, all sex outside of or before marriage, and the use of any form of contraception or birth control, as disordered, as well.

The Eastern Orthodox Church views masturbation as a dishonoring of the purpose of God’s gift of sexuality, which should only be fulfilled in a marriage.

Protestantism used to consider masturbation as a sin of the flesh, but new age Protestants are taking more of a pro-masturbation stance merely to prevent other sinful sexual activities.

One of the founders of Adventism warned her followers that masturbation (along with sex and over-satisfying foods) destroys one’s life and prevents access to Heaven when Jesus comes in the first resurrection.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that masturbation is a habit that is a “form of uncleanliness,” and one that “fosters attitudes that can be mentally corrupting.”

Islamic teachings do not approve of masturbation, or sexual activities outside of the marriage whatsoever.  There is a statement in the Quran, “And those who guard their chastity, except from their wives for then, they are free from blame; But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are transgressors.”  Sinners are told they will be punished in this life and in the afterlife.

In Judaism, the Talmud forbids male masturbation, and neither prohibits nor encourages female masturbation, but does suggest that masturbation in general leads to “impure thoughts.”

There are no claims in the Christian Bible that state that masturbation is sinful.

Now, let’s look at the oldest religion in the world, Hinduism.

According to Hinduism, seeking Kama, or sensual pleasure, is one of the four objectives of human life.  Hinduism grants complete freedom in sexuality, hence the Kama Sutra (the Hindu treatise on sex).

Many of the Hindu temples today still contain erotic sculptures depicting sexual activities.

Is this not considered porn today?

Since Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world… where did the other religions go astray?

Where did they buy into the wrongness of having a body that seeks delighting in sensual pleasure?

What if the body’s sensual pleasures are actually the gateway to enlightenment?

I will attest to that question:  My husband and I have meditated for years… attempted every technique under the sun to reach a deeper state of meditation, and nothing compares to the meditative state we reach during sex or masturbation.  Indulging in sexual activities in an expansive way is truly the key to enlightenment.

Sexual energy, after all, is the most powerful healing force known to man.

Is there something to sexual energy that other religions don’t want you to tap into?

I’ll leave you to contemplate that…