The Most Magical Organ

Did you know that the uterus is probably the most magical organ?

Don’t believe me?

Then why is it that a woman’s menstrual cycles and stages of life are intrinsically linked to the cycles of the Earth, Moon and Sun?

The moon cycle is 29.5 days, and the average woman’s menstrual cycle is 29.5 days. Interestingly enough, a woman whose cycle is closest to 29.5 days has the highest rate of fertility.

In addition, there are 13 moon cycles in a calendar year, and the average age of menarche (a girl’s first menstruation) is age 13. The average age of menopause is 52, which is also the number of weeks in a year. There are an average of 4 weeks to a women’s menstrual cycle and 4 seasons in a year.

Some of the earliest forms of calendars known date back to women’s menstrual cycles carved into bone or stone.

Not only do women’s wombs have a powerful connection to the astronomical cycles of the Earth, Sun and Moon, but they also have a powerful connection to you.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for a woman’s womb.

Every single human being that has ever walked this planet, now and throughout all of history, has achieved this existence thanks to this very organ.

It doesn’t just pop out babies – it pops out whatever a woman wants in physical, tangible form.

The power of creation lies in a woman’s uterus, but most women are disconnected from their sexual energy and vaginas, not to mention their uteruses.

Your sexual organs are the powerhouses of your sexual energy, and your sexual energy is the most powerful healing energy known to man.

You are conceived from this sexual energy, and you conceive with this sexual energy.

You literally power and manifest your entire life with this turbo fuel I call sexual energy.

Thousands of years ago, sexual energy was viewed as the Fountain of Youth, leading to enhanced health and well-being, as well as immortality.

When a woman can tap into the gestation power of her uterus, she can use that power to conceive what she wants in the world and birth it to fruition. It is literally the missing link in the “Law of Attraction.”

However, when a woman isn’t connected to her sexual energy superpowers, this disconnect manifests as emotional and physical dis-ease in the body.

All ailments are a result of stuck or blocked energy, and all sexual ailments are a result of stuck or blocked sexual energy.

Physically, women may experience intense PMS symptoms and cramps, painful sex, low libido, endometriosis, PCOS, hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, weight gain around the first two chakras, chronic fatigue, fibromas or cysts, cancer, or worse yet, a hysterectomy.

The blocked sexual energy becomes so great that the organs literally have to be removed.

Did you know that a hysterectomy is currently the #2 most common surgery performed in the United States?

Why? Because women are disconnected from their sexual energy.

Worse yet, guess what the #1 most common surgery in the US today is?

A Cesarean Section, which is literally the cutting of the uterus to remove a baby.

Why are we damaging the most magical organ a woman has? Maybe to repress her sexual energy so that she doesn’t become too powerful? Or maybe it’s so that she has the more physical dis-ease and the following emotional disorders which requires her to resort to medication which puts more money in big pharma’s pockets?

Emotionally, women may feel depressed, lacking passion, non-motivated, robotic, non-sexual, sadness, anger, frustration, tension, or as though there’s something missing in their life.. a void that they must fill.

And the one thing that could fill that void is the one thing that they are avoiding at all costs – their sexual energy.

Instead, they fill the void with retail therapy, food (eating disorders or emotional eating), social media, reality tv shows, addictions (alcohol, drugs, porn, exercise, etc.), work, etc.

If you don’t relate to any of the above, but still feel like something is missing in your life… it most likely is sexual energy.

Believe it or not, sexual energy can be used to replenish you at the deepest level and transform all areas of your life.

You become more juicy, alive, and radiant.

I have people who ask me how I look younger today than I did 10 years ago, and my answer is… sexual energy.

Literally, the lines are erased off your face when you have sexual energy abundantly flowing through your body.

In Taoism, they speak of using sexual energy to run throughout all of our energy meridians to heal and regenerate our body.

The yoni egg practice began as a Taoist practice in China over 5,000 years ago because they knew that with a weak pelvic floor (the home of your sexual energy) women’s internal sex organs would fall out, as well as our sexual energy would leak out.

This leakage causes an entire downward gravitational pull where everything begins to sag. Hence, aging. And most people have a point of view that as they age, their sexual energy decreases… and that’s absolutely not true.

I’ve had women as young as 80 years old in my yoni egg classes, and after many frustrating appointments with gynecologists due to a dry vagina, and after using the yoni egg, she was more lubricated than any medication or homonal cream could ever create.

So if sexual energy isn’t important, then how did awakening her sexual energy with a yoni egg fix a problem that gynecologists said they couldn’t fix and basically told her “give it up – your sexuality lifespan is over”…?

Let’s look at religion for a second.

There is female sexual symbolism in all religions, but most people overlook it or don’t put the pieces together.  Instead, religion has made sex a sin and only a source for pro-creation. However, there is an entire universe hidden inside of our genitals that when activated can provide us with infinite amounts of energy, power, beauty, longevity, creativity, wisdom, knowledge, abundance, health, vitality, and immortality.

The word pro-creation does in fact include the word ‘creation’. Besides creating a new life form in the form of a baby, your sexual energy also creates new ideas, possibilities, lovers, jobs, money/wealth, friendships, clients, your body, knowledge, awarenesses, abundance, among many other things.

What if sex and sexual energy, rather than being the ultimate sin, is one of the most important pathways to connect intimately with the Divine?  The Divine being a state of wholeness and completeness where you acknowledge the abundance that is implicit in all of us. There is no longing for anything and everything you need or want is right within you.

Imagine what the world would look like if we truly embraced and awakened our sexual energy and utilized it for our greater health, well-being and abundance?  What would the world look like?

Is that why there’s such a big force at work programming us to repress our sexuality at every cost?

Give it a try – awaken your sexual energy with some of the techniques in my books and see what happens. Watch what manifests as if by magic in your life.

“What is a necessity in life is invisible to the naked human eye.”

Let’s honor and celebrate the wonders of sexual energy and keep our uteruses and sexual organs happy, healthy and loved!