The Key To Breast Cancer Prevention

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month – and sadly, more American women have died from breast cancer in the last 20 years than the number of Americans killed in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War combined.

Instead of focusing so much energy on trying to find a cure – what if we redirected our energy to preventing it in the first place?

In quantum physics, everything is energy, including cancer. Cancer is a disruption in a cell, which equates to a disruption in the energy.

What if you could prevent cancer by merely changing your energy?

Bruce Lipton and Deepak Chopra have been saying for years that a change in your point of view can eliminate disease.

The Law of Attraction states that ‘what you think and say, you create.’

So how can this be so in relation to breast cancer, or any cancer for that matter?  Because I know your first reaction is… “Yes but I’m not thinking ‘cancer cancer cancer’!”

Well, first let’s understand this concept in a little more detail.

Science research projects are showing that when thoughts, feelings, and emotions intersect cells, the spherical shaped cell (healthy; state of ease) becomes elliptical shaped (unhealthy; state of dis-ease). Science also shows that your cells have the ability to hold onto memories from past traumatic events that also affect the health of your body.

An example of this is Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with the water crystals. He proved that thoughts, words, and music have a profound effect on water. Our body is 80% water and we have between 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day. A lot of the subconscious beliefs that you’re not even aware of, or obsessive body judgment, or lack of self love, can change the water crystals of your body from that of beautiful sacred geometric patterns to that of a blurry pattern.

Which would you desire the water crystals of your body to look like?

Water is the mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It is a blueprint for our reality, which can change with a single, positive thought. All it takes is faith, if you’re open to it.

– Dr. Masaru Emoto

Second, everything is energy. Quantum physics is the study of the atom and the parts that make up an atom – electrons, protons, neutrons, etc. The atom is 99.9999% energy and .00001% matter, and atoms are the building blocks of all things physical, therefore all solid things are substantially more energy than matter. Therefore, everything in existence is just energy.

In one quantum physics study, the electron seemed to be playing tricks on the scientists. It would appear, then disappear. What came about from this mystifying experience is what is now called the “observer effect.” The observer effect states that subatomic particles, such as electrons, protons, and neutrons, exist in an infinite number of possibilities until they are observed, and at that moment, the wave collapses allowing the particles to come into existence as something concrete and physical. In other words, you can change how the particles appear by what you observe of them. In this same study, they measured the brainwaves of the scientists down to the nanosecond to see what appears first: your reality or your perception of your reality. And nanoseconds to the 9th degree, their thoughts of what the particles would do appeared before the particles themselves. And the particles behaved in the exact manner that the scientist observed first in his mind.

This means that your reality can change when you change your perception.

So here is an example of how that works. On a molecular level, everything is energy. You, the being, soul, spirit, or whatever you call you, are energy. Your body is energy. Physical, solid, dense, and tangible objects such as cars, buildings, computers, and furniture are energy. Food is energy. Your thoughts are energy. Energy is just energy; it is neither good, bad, right, wrong, positive, negative, healthy, nor unhealthy. All of those are what I call judgments which keep you stuck in a duality or polarity. A statement such as, “This pizza is unhealthy,” is a point of view with a judgment attached. You, the being, have bought into this point of view as being true. Your body’s molecules hear this point of view and do everything in their power to validate it as being right. For whom? You. The molecules of the pizza hear this point of view and do everything in their power to validate it as being right. Again, for whom? You. Since you have decided that you know what is right and true, all of the molecules around you are under YOUR observation. You are what I like to call the dictator of your reality. The molecules are your citizens – they do everything in their power to make you right because they don’t want to be wronged for making you wrong.

Therefore, the power to change anything in your life lies within you.

However, the hard part is knowing exactly what thoughts, feelings and emotions you’re having on a daily basis that is creating your future reality.

The majority of what is hardwired into your brain is what you observed in your environment before the age of six. Family, society, media, culture, religion, and authority figures all contribute to the hardwiring process. As you start examining your beliefs, you’ll have to ask yourself who the belief belongs to. Is it yours or someone else’s? Have you ever been given the freedom to create your own belief; a belief that works for you?

In order to re-wire your beliefs, you have to become aware of them first, and then you have to choose to stop living your life from that belief.

Hebb’s Law states that, “nerve cells that fire together, wire together,” it also states that, “nerve cells that don’t fire together, don’t wire together.”

What this means is that it is up to YOU to unwire what has been wired into your mind.

Nerve cells are wired into your mind by electromagnetic charges and the beliefs are held in place by electromagnetic charges. A charge is a positive or negative polarity that acts like glue to maintain what it is holding together.

One technique to stop the same nerve cells from firing together, and thereby wiring together, is to not create a charge around that belief.

When a belief is triggered, you have to implement a technique that works for you that will remind you to not travel down the same pathway that you’re accustomed to, but instead to create a new pathway.

You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. That’s the definition of insanity.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

– Albert Einstein

Do you think there’s a link between this outrageous number of deaths from breast cancer and sexual repression?

Any desire that is repressed becomes something that is obsessed about. Sexual repression is limited and inhibited sexual energy that eventually bubbles over into a mal-expression of the magnificent, healing energy that sexual energy provides.

Sexual energy was once considered the most powerful healing force in the universe.  Then what do you think will happen to it if you repress it? Hinder it? Limit it? Cut it off? Make it wrong? Judge it?

Repression is like telling a child no or a craving.  Whatever is repressed becomes an obsessions… the forbidden fruit.

Sexual repression leads to dis-ease of your sexuality – endometriosis, cervical cancer, breast cancer, fibroids, cysts, and pelvic inflammatory disease just to name a few. Those who have completely shut off their sexuality literally create their sexuality being cut out of them, as performed in a hysterectomy.

So what if the one thing you could do to prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, or any other cancer… is to awaken and embrace your sexual energy in a transformative way instead of in a repressed, limited way?

I invite you to join me there – where you can use your sexual energy to transform anything you desire to transform.

It’s where the alchemists play… 😉

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