The #1 Sex Appeal Product That You Need

What is the best sex appeal product, you may ask?

Is it that little black dress?  Or a libido enhancer?

Let’s admit…

And the beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry because sex sells. The beauty industry is based around selling an image of sexiness – and this is biologically more true than you know.

Sex even sells in drug commercials.  When was the last time you saw an anti-depressant commercial and the actress or actor isn’t sexy and actually looks depressed?

Sex sells because we’re visual creatures, and we are attracted and distracted by shiny and sexy, under the guise that if we use that product, we’re going to look just as sexy as the model.

Did you know that an estimated 1,282 tubes of lipstick and 2,055 jars of skin care products are sold every minute? Cosmetics aren’t the new kid on the block, they’ve been around since 3500 BC… and possibly even 75,000 years ago.

The proven origin of cosmetics lies in Egypt where eye makeup and aromatic ointments have been found in ancient tombs.

(An interesting note is that Christianity uses Egypt as a type of the sins of the world.)

Even before Egypt though, Semiramis, the Greek queen of King Ninus, was known as the mother of all harlots. She used makeup as well as seductive clothing for various religious and sexual rituals. Paintings and descriptions show Greeks and Egyptians using makeup and revealing clothing to appear more like the gods and goddesses they worshipped. This dress was used to appeal to their sensuality and sexual expression… and often the harlots and matrons (female leaders of prostitution rings) were best known for their silks, jewels, and cosmetics.

Hency why even 100 years ago it was thought that “only bad women wear makeup.”

Makeup is directly linked to sex appeal for a few reasons:

  • In the animal kingdom, females advertise their youth, health, and sexual availability through physical signs, like a peacock strutting her feathers. These physical signs are less pronounced in humans; very rarely can you tell when a woman is ovulating. Studies show that a woman’s face is far more attractive during the fertile phase of her cycle than during other phases of her cycle, and this is where makeup comes into play. Makeup can exaggerate the signs of fertility and sexual availability, making it obvious that she’s a good choice for a mate.

  • Studies by Richard Russell at Gettysburg College have shown that darker eyes and lips on a woman is more feminine and attractive, while the opposite is true for men.

  • Multiple studies conclude that men choose images of women with makeup moreso than women wihout makeup as being more attractive, healthier, and confident.

  • Even skin tones also prove to be more appealing, hence the need for foundation and powder to cover up blemishes, scars, wrinkles, etc.

Overall, the healthier you look (darker eyes, darker lips, and even skin tones), the more attracted people will be to you because you offer the possibility of producing healthy offspring. Granted, makeup lies… but that’s besides the point. This is all deeply rooted biological desires driving our actions.

In my terms, makeup was designed to give you that orgasmic afterglow.

And here’s why:

During ovulation, women are more turned on and interested in sex. Internally, estrogen is rising in comparison to progesterone. This shift enhances vascular blood flow under the skin’s surface leading to redder lips and rosy cheeks.

During sex, blood flow increases as well, contributing to the pinkening of the skin. By adding lipstick and blush, women are accentuating their fertility and sexual playfulness.

When a woman is glistening her lips with lipstick, her other lips are opening.

Even in snapchat, there are filters that add pinkening of the skin, smooth skin tones, accented cheekbones, and glossy lips.

Today’s obsession with beauty is over the top, I will admit.

But there is a cure… and that cure is what created this obsession in the first place.


Sex may just happen to be the BEST beauty product you can invest in… and here are the top 5 reasons why:

  1. It’s organic!
    Yep, that’s right. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your cosmetic product is laced with horse urine or coal tar. Sex increases blood flow which will make your cheeks flush, your lips will redden, and your skin will naturally glow – which is what blush, lipstick, and bronzer are for, right? Besides, no retouching of this makeup is needed – the after effects of sex can last for hours.

  2. Wrinkle-free!
    The major sign of aging, wrinkles, can be due to atrophied arteries. The best way to keep your arteries active and healthy is through increased blood flow, which sex promotes a lot of. The extra blood flow delivers nutrients and oxygen to the skin, keeping it free of the pruning effect.

  3. Pretty locks!
    Your hair follicles also have blood vessels traveling to them, so with increased blood flow, that means your locks are getting the proper nourishment they need. Nothing is sexier than healthy, shiny hair blowing in the wind… or tossled from a kinky night of sex.

  4. Stress shows!
    When you’re stressed, it shows, and especially on your face. Sex is known as the best stress reliever as well as a happiness inducer, which means you will be glowing from ear to ear.  Has anyone ever asked you why you’re so happy? (Especially after just getting laid or having a delicious orgasm?  Happens to me all the time!)

  5. ID Please!
    The best way to shave years off your life is by having more sex. Making love 3x/week can make you look 10 years younger… and having 200 orgasms a year is the guideline for removing 6 physiological years off of your life. Besides, you’ll decrease your risk for 3 of the major contributors to mortality: heart disease, cancer, and depression.

So there’s one more VITAL product to add to your beauty bag… a hot ‘n steamy sex life… and the best part, it’s FREE!

Furthermore, when you exude sexuality, people are drawn to you.  You radiate a glow and a confidence that very few people have which makes them interested in you… and what you have (i.e. your services) thereby increasing your abundance, wealth, and success.  Therefore, you are selling yourself without even selling yourself.