At your first class, I admitted that I'm 55 years old and have never had an orgasm in my life.  After 1 month of letting go of all the sexual belief systems and limitations you pointed out, I bought my yoni egg, started using it, taught myself not just how to orgasm, but also to squirt, and went online and met a new boyfriend.  I've never been happier.  And I hope my 2 daughters can be inspired by your teachings too so that they don't live a life like I did.  Thank you so much Dr. Shelly!

- Martha


I am a lucky woman who has been blessed to have Dr. Shelly impart wisdom and openness into my life.  Dr. Shelly's Orgasmitation is very relaxing and exciting simultaneously.  I have also been the beneficiary of having had a 1-hour phone session with her.  Prior to the session, Dr. Shelly took the time to prepare me for the revolutionary discussion.  She is personable, professional and gorgeous energetically (physically as well).  I enjoyed working with Dr. Shelly and have made multidimensional changes to my life ever since interacting with her.  I highly recommend her long distance services.  I can only imagine how much more life changing it would be to spend time in her presence.  Thank you Dr. Shelly for your words that impact me and everyone I come into contact with.  Namaste.

- Julie


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  I dropped 23 pounds since last week!  I released a shit ton of issues in the tissues - all thanks to you and the homework you gave me, Dr. Shelly!

- Leisu


Thank you Dr. Shelly for the amazing yoni egg workshop.  I wasn't quite sure what the class was going to be like but it was great.  You brought up great points about how we perceive ourselves and how our body responds to that. I used to judge my body, but I will now be more conscience of my body images. The class really relaxed me - and I remained relaxed all the way through the next day when I had to make a 4 hour drive.  The exercises are coming easier and easier - I don't even have to think about them to do them anymore.  I know this class will transform me out of my current mind frame.

- Ashley


Thank you Dr. Shelly, for who you be, and what you choose to step into!  After attending your yummy-licious body image workshop I am choosing so much more gratitude for my body and especially being in the feminine body!  You gave me some great tools to facilitate even more joy and ease with my body, especially the breathwork.  Thanks for a fun and informative evening!!

- Laurie


I can't believe how much getting stuck in your head and disliking your body image can affect your sex life.  All day I've been telling myself how beautiful and sexy I am and knocking back that little voice you told me to watch out for.  The difference in the sex today was noticeable - my orgasm was so powerful and felt like it was coming in waves and lasted longer than usual.  I've never cum like that before.  I couldn't stop giggling or smiling and even my partner asked me why I was looking at him so funny when we got out of the shower.  Thank you so much Dr. Shelly.  I can't thank you enough - right now, I'd happily pay you anything you want for this!

- Michelle


I wanted to get back to having awareness with my body and listening to it, and to drop some weight so I could be healthier.  I also wanted to drop some weight, and be at a healthier.  The energy around Dr. Shelly's 'Summer Lovin' Your Body' Class totally popped for me and I received way more than I expected to receive.  I definitely started having awareness, hearing and listening to my body.  I let go of 6 lbs during the 10 weeks of classes and have kept it off.  I felt sassy and cute in my own skin and sure of myself.  I started buying and wearing color - I couldn't wear black anymore. ( I always wore it before.)  I just felt a joy and fun and frivolousness that I haven't felt in a long time.  Every class is filled with tons of information and tools, and moves very quickly so I didn't get bored!  You are so genuinely upbeat, filled with zest for life, and made me realize that you can be smart and sexy at the same time. Your love for life comes through in your classes.  Before taking a class from you, I thought you were just about sex and sexy, but found out you were way more than that and that is what really gave your class the punch.  The sex and sexy added fun and an opening for me to receive more awareness but the "so much more" is what created the enormous change and expansion for me.  The seeing and experiencing me in a different way.  Thanks Dr. Shelly!

- Pattie


Wow! I was driving to meet a client today listening to the Orgasmitation audio and I had multiple orgasms, without stimulation. My body felt so nurtured, and it healed a bunch of shit I had stored in my body. After listening to the audio, I met Chris Powell and his amazing wife, Heidi, from ABC’s highly-rated “Extreme Weight Loss” at Starbucks. I then received two new clients for one of my business programs and was asked to be a guest speaker for a government agency. No lotions or potions, or spending many hours figuring things out, but simply stepping up, showing up, being vulnerable, acknowledging the gift I be, and opening the door to more money, more clients, more joy, more fun, and more of me. Wowza! All I have to say is the Orgasmitation audio for yourself.

- Grace


The Orgasmitation audio is a mind blowing… body blowing experience. Dr. Shelly guides you into a tangible, conscious experience of body awareness beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before. This meditation will assist you in expanding your awareness, your consciousness, and your ability to receive on all levels. Your body will LOVE you for this!

- Shelli


I wanted to let you know of how far reaching you are! A pregnant client of mine spent 8 months of her pregnancy believing and resting on a scheduled C-section based on the belief her body didn't work. In the last month her Dr. decided to induce and let her body try.  Long story short, I had her buy and listen to your orgasmitation knowing it was the energy that could assist her and her body to know what they were capable of. She listened again early in the delivery room announcing it was the best $20 ever spent. She went on to find and tap into her power to let her body do what it was designed to do and be!! Waaaaallllaaaaa...first baby - 9 hour delivery, 30-minute push and a healthy baby boy!!! THANK YOU for the possibilities you create by choosing to know what you know and Be who you BE - fearlessly! 🙂

- Tisha


YAY!  Before I took the yoni egg workshop, I could barely hold the jade egg inside of me.  Now, I can proudly say that I can hold the jade egg in for awhile before it pops out again - major progress from when I was in the online workshop.  I play a little game, where I put the egg in at night, do my sexercises and sleep with it in.  Then, in the morning the game is how long can I keep it in while getting my eldest ready for school and pandering to my youngest.  I can also hold my clench for 10 seconds instead of the very meek 3!  Thank you so much for your commitment and work to sexuality!

- Jamie


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