Sex and Success

Have you ever wondered what the basis for success is?

Apart from willpower, ambition, drive, motivation, planning, performance, confidence, follow-through and plenty more words that we can come up with every time someone asks us for the recipe for success, there’s a hidden answer that most people are not aware of.

And that is… SEX!

Let me explain how sex is connected to success…

Success is driven by motivation and willpower… which stems from some form of desire within us to take action on our goals… which is inherently triggered by our nerve cells.  What triggers these high functioning nerve cells?  Testosterone and androgens!

Testosterone and androgens are secreted by our adrenal glands and are the key to sexual perseverance.  They are also indirectly related to the stress hormone, cortisol.  When your stress levels are high, your sex hormone levels are low, and the less creative and successful you are.

That’s one of the reasons why it is important to keep your stress levels in check – not only is stress the #1 cause of all disease, it also destroys your relationship, happiness levels, and yes… your success.

One of my favorite examples of the connection between sex and success is from the movie “Wolf on Wall Street”… although that isn’t the ideal portrayal of what I teach about sexual energy, it is a portrayal of the connection between money and sex.

Many authors, spiritual leaders, and geniuses recognize the connection between sex and success, and this connection was of utmost importance thousands of years ago.

They understand that when sex energy is blocked, creative energy is blocked.

In China, from a young age, future emperors and empresses were trained on how to harness their sexual energy to create powerful empires.

Sexual energy wasn’t just used to create powerful empires, but it was also used to energize and heal the organs, create vitality, increase energy, awaken the heart to make decisions that integrate intuition and logic, execute ideas with clarity and ease, decrease stress, and promote longevity and immortality.

When we are disconnected from or depleted of this life-giving sexual energy, our body and mind are affected.

Because these secrets were immensely powerful, they were only shared with a select few… and somehow lost over the years with a society that transformed from sex-positive to sex-negative.

Luckily, there are traditions such as Taoism and Tantra that have passed down this wisdom allowing you to tap into these secrets and apply them to your everyday life.

When you learn how to use your sexual energy for things other than sex, you begin manifesting everything you’ve ever asked for… and then some. Sexual energy sparks your imagination and creativity in a way that allows you to have brilliant ideas that will bring your goals to fruition.

Through a study of more than 200 years, it has been established that the people who succeeded the best are the ones who know how to manage their sexual desires and benefit from the sexual energy that they can receive from it.

When men tap into their sexual energy, they become driven, motivated, unstoppable, laser-focused, and unbelievably successful.

When women tap into their sexual energy, it becomes the source out of which all creation flows. (Women are born with the ability to give birth to a child, which is the greatest form of creation there is.) They get more done in less time, they develop a crystal clear game plan for their dreams, desires, and goals, they prioritize self-care and self-nurturance, they connect to their higher self, they celebrate their feminine superpowers, they tap into an unlimited reservoir of ambition and drive, they become energized, they learn unconditional love for their body, they stop judging other women, and they incorporate these techniques in not just their business, but in their health and relationships as well.

Why is learning how to tap into your sexual energy and use it for things other than sex so important?

Well, here is a list of stimulants that affect us in our life, starting with the one that has the greatest affect on us:

  1. sexual desire
  2. love
  3. the desire of celebrity, wealth, and power
  4. music
  5. friends
  6. masterminds
  7. pain
  8. self-suggestion
  9. fear
  10. drugs and alcohol

This list is a general one, as it may vary from one person to another, but in general, sexual desire is the biggest stimulant for everyone, whether they acknowledge it or not, and it should be used in the most expansive way. When used wrong, it can inhibit your ability for success.

According to Napoleon Hill (author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’), it’s through sexual energy that Thomas Edison succeeded in inventing the light bulb after more than 10,000 tries.

Imagine what would your life look like if you used sexual energy to continue creating what you have given up on because it didn’t work after 1 try, 10 tries, or even 100 tries?

Napoleon Hill discusses sex transmutation as the missing link between sex and success. The word “transmutation” means to transfer one thing to something else.  What Napoleon Hill is referring to is the transferrence of sexual energy to creative energy.   (How to do this will be discussed in following articles.)

Here are 15 quotes by Napoleon Hill that reveal the powerful connection between sex and success.