TeleClass: How To Communicate With Your Man


Includes MP3 recording of tele-class and PDF noteset.



In this 2-hour tele-class on how to communicate with your man, you will learn the 10 communication habits that you should never do if you desire your man to be 100% open and honest with you… as well as the tools and techniques that WILL create the space for him to open up and be honest.

If your conversations lead to heated arguments…full of emotions, tears, anger, frustration, confusion… that cause one or both of you to shut down – then this tele-class is for you!

Do you feel like if you could just control your emotions, you could communicate better?  Don’t worry – you’re not alone.  I’ve been in your shoes, as well as many other couples.

Poor communication is the #1 reason that relationships fail.

And it doesn’t just affect your relationship, it also affects your sex life, success, wealth, ability to be present, confidence and your happiness.

In this tele-class, you will learn:

  • the 10 communication habits you should NEVER do

  • EXACTLY what triggers your man into anger or frustration

  • how to communicate with your man about anything and everything

  • what style of speaking can open up your man to share everything with you

  • how to control your emotions so they don’t spiral out of control

  • what confuses men about women

  • the techniques to create open and honest communication

  • how to trust what your man tells you

  • how to turn on your man with your words

  • & much more!


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