Spice Up Your Sex Life Program + 6 Phone Sessions




You’ve been married for a while, the honeymoon phase ended, and the lust and passion has died. Sex is now boring and you can’t discuss it. (More than 50% of couples don’t discuss their sex life!) Do you throw in the towel and get divorced, or do you commit to rekindling the flame?

What if rekindling the flame wasn’t as hard as you thought it was? What would it be like to have the same excitement, lust, and passion that you had when you were dating? How much more fun would your relationship, and life, be if you reclaimed your playfulness and flirtatiousness?

Almost a decade together, and my sex life is better now than it was when we met. But it requires two to tango – and I will show you how to re-ignite your sex life so that you don’t throw away a perfectly good relationship. (The grass isn’t greener on the other side – and typically the same pattern repeats itself!)

In this online program, you will be given a step-by-step game plan and blueprint to break the ice around sex so you can spice up your sex life… whether it’s completely dead, or just needs to be taken to that next level!

We will work through this program together and we will have a 1-hour phone session before each lesson.  Research shows that when people purchase online programs, they rarely complete them unless they have a coach holding them accountable – and that’s exactly what I will do!

*Includes session workbook, 6 lessons, proven strategies, 6 1-hour phone sessions and recordings of each phone session… as well as a passionate, hot, and multi-orgasmic sex life!


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