Orgasmic Breathing




In this 40-minute breathwork meditation, you will be guided through 9 different exercises that will help you to release unresolved emotions, recharge your battery, detox your nervous system, open your chakras, enhance your intuition, awaken your pineal gland (third eye), balance your masculine and feminine energy, cultivate sexual energy, and nourish your mind, body, and soul.

*Includes underlying binaural beats to awaken all 7 chakras.

Breathwork gives you an opportunity to release the stuck emotions, experiences, traumas, and blockages that surface when you shut off your mind so that they no longer keep you stuck. Being conscious of your breath is the fastest way to become present, connect to your soul, and transform your life.

Limiting belief systems manifest as blocked energy, and blocked energy manifests as dis-ease (pain, emotional instability, health ailments, relationship problems, inability to orgasm, etc.) If you’re looking for a way to expedite the healing process, breathwork is it.

The importance of breathing:

  • Breathing is the #1 way to become present in your body. Often times, we are not present…and all it takes is to take a moment, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. And BOOM, you’re present again.
  • Breathing is also the #1 way to detoxify your body at a level of 70%, compared to perspiration at 20%, urination at 7%, and defecation at 3%.
  • Breathing is the #1 way to move sexual energy around your body. In order to ramp up your libido, you have to awaken your sexual energy and move it through your body.
  • Breaths are love notes to my body. It reminds me that I’m alive – and just how grateful I am to be alive.


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