Magnetizing A Soulmate Program




Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Do you keep attracting Mr. or Mrs. Wrong? What if instead of waiting to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, you custom build and magnetize him/her to you…as if by magic? Could you possibly be repelling your soulmate and not even know it? Are you failing time and time again with online dating?

Don’t worry – this program will cover everything from re-writing your list to re-writing your online profile, as well as removing all roadblocks that are getting in the way of your soulmate showing up!

In this online program, you will use the same blueprint, tools and techniques I did when I manifested my perfect soulmate to me. Not only did he meet EVERY item on my checklist, he added items to it that I forgot.

This is an “on your own” program.  If you want to be held accountable so that you actually complete the course, please purchase the online program that includes 6 phone sessions.  Research shows that when people purchase online programs, they rarely complete them unless they have a coach holding them accountable – and that’s exactly what I will do!

*Includes session handbook, 12 lessons, 1 bonus lesson with corresponding mp3 download of meditation to help you magnetize your soulmate to you, a 1-hour phone session plus recording, and proven strategies to magnetize your soulmate to you… as well as Mr. or Mrs. Right being one step closer to you!


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