Committed & Addicted Program + 6 Phone Sessions




Once you land the guy of your dreams – are you equipped with the tools to KEEP him not only committed to you, but addicted to you, craving more, and never looking elsewhere? What would it be like to have a man who can’t get enough of you and raves about you to everyone? What if that honeymoon phase didn’t have to end? I can tell you that it doesn’t have to end.

Almost a decade later, and my husband is more addicted to me now than he was when we first met. But don’t wait for him to become addicted – you will discover how you can use your feminine power to change the direction of your relationship, no matter where it’s currently at, almost effortlessly.

In this online program, you will learn how to drive your man wild and have him committed and addicted for life.

We will work through this program together and we will have a 1-hour phone session before each lesson. Research shows that when people purchase online programs, they rarely complete them unless they have a coach holding them accountable – and that’s exactly what I will do!

*Includes session handbook, 6 lessons, 1 mp3 download of sexual energy meditation, proven strategies, 6 1-hour phone sessions and recordings of each phone session… as well as a man who is not only committed, but addicted!


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