Abolishing Body Image Issues Program




97% of women judge their body at least 13x/day – what would it be like if you never judged your body again? What if I told you your judgment of your body is creating your body “stuck in a holding pattern” so that no matter how much diet or exercise you do, it will not change? What if you could lose pounds and pants sizes overnight just by letting go of mental/emotional baggage? What would your life look like if you fell in love with your body all over again?

I used to judge my body, and I can tell you that it is possible to never judge your body again. In this online program, you will use the same blueprint, tools and techniques I did to overcome the vicious and never-ending cycle of body judgment.

This is an “on your own” program.  If you want to be held accountable so that you actually complete the course, please purchase the online program that includes 6 phone sessions.  Research shows that when people purchase online programs, they rarely complete them unless they have a coach holding them accountable – and that’s exactly what I will do!

*Includes session handbook, 7-step body image blueprint, 3 lessons, webinar, a 1-hour phone session plus recording and proven strategies to get the change you’re desiring… as well as a new way of being with your beautiful body!


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