More Orgasms May Be The Cure For Body Image Issues

Orgasms and body image issues – what’s the link?

I’m sure you’re probably wondering how having orgasms can help you change, and potentially get rid of those nasty negative thoughts that you have about your beautiful body.

But first, let’s look at some interesting statistics:

  • 80-90% of women judge their body

  • 50%+ of women struggle reaching orgasm

  • 70% of women are unable to have an orgasm from vaginal intercourse

  • 46% of women admit that they are unable to reach orgasm due to their body judgment

When I look at these statistics and from my experience coaching thousands of women, I automatically link the pieces together that body image issues PREVENT orgasms.

Here’s how body image issues prevent orgasms…

Gert Holstege at the University of Groningen published a study stating that during sexual stimulation, frontal brain centers that monitor behavioral control, fear, and anxiety slow down, and at the time of orgasm, they shut down.

If you judge your body, you are controlling your experiences based on how you feel about your body (i.e. needing to have sex with the lights off).

If you judge your body, you may fear what other people think of your body.

If you judge your body, you may experience feelings of anxiety about your body not being perfect or skinny enough.

Body image issues are connected to control, fear, AND anxiety, and this control, fear and anxiety is preventing your pre-frontal cortex from shutting down so you can reach the “BIG O.”

Judgment begins in your mind.  I often refer to it as the ‘monkey mind’.  Once it starts, it’s hard to shut off, and the longer you perpetrate it, the more real it becomes.  It’s not real; it’s a creation of yours.

What you judge of your body is not what others judge of your body.  Heck, if they’re even judging your body, which 99% of the time, they’re not!

Judgment is not a truth; it is merely YOUR perception.

So how often do you spend time in your MIND versus being present with your body?

When you’re willing to be present with your body, love your body, nurture your body, know your body, enjoy pleasure with your body, and not judge your body, then and only then will you be able to enjoy every second of life.

Now, how can orgasms prevent body image issues?

OSHO, an Indian mystic, once said that there are 2 times in your life when you are truly connected to your source: during uncontrollable laughter and at the time of orgasm.

When you are turned on and reach orgasm, your mind shuts off and your brainwaves slow to that of deep meditation. You are connected to your source (higher power, Universe, God, whomever you believe in), which is truth.

Like I said earlier, judgments are not truth, they are merely false perceptions appearing real.

Therefore, judgments and orgasms cannot and do not exist together.

Think about the last time you had an orgasm: did your mile long to-do list or tomorrow’s worries cross your mind at the time of orgasm?

Most likely not.

What about your body image judgment?  Were you able to criticize your body while you were having an orgasm?

I highly doubt it.

Because your mind has shut off.

The more you can move from your mind into your body, the more present you’ll be, and the easier it will be to reach orgasms.

The more orgasms you have, the more you are showing your body that you love it.

And when you love your body, your perception about your body changes.

The key to changing your body is to change your perception.

And in time… you will begin to love the body that is transforming in front of your very own eyes.

Not to mention, when you awaken the sexual energy that lives inside of your body, you can use this powerful healing energy to live in a turned-on state where your mind is focused on the pleasure of the present moment instead of the judgment of your body.

You can awaken this energy with a yoni egg, masturbation, breathwork, my orgasmitation audioand tantric and taoist exercises taught in my classes.