Is Sex Merely For Pro-Creation?

Sex makes babies.

That’s what religion, society, sex education, and our parents program us to believe… yet, they leave out the fact that sex also holds the key to all creativity.

The word ‘procreation’ does in fact include the word ‘creation.’

The definition of the root word ‘create’ is:

: to make or produce something

: to cause something new to exist

: to cause a particular situation to exist

: to produce something new, such as a work of art, by using your talents and imagination

Besides creating a new life form (in the form of a baby), your sexual energy also creates new ideas, possibilities, lovers, jobs, money/wealth, friendships, clients, your body, knowledge, awarenesses, talents, abundance, and all sorts of other things.

What you think and say, you create, therefore everything in your physical reality is a creation of yours.

The question is…

Are you struggling to create?  Or are you creating as if by magic?

When you tap into the superpowers of your sexual energy, your life will become effortless.  Everything you desire to create will show up with total ease.

However, what is holding us back the most from tapping into this superpower is…

  • societal, familial, religious, & other programming

  • inhibitions

  • repression/suppression of our sexuality

  • fear of what others think

  • an unwillingness to step outside your comfort zone

Anything that keeps you from having this sexual energy free-flowing through your body is an interference to your sexual energy.

Not only does it stifle your creativity, it also stifles your health.

Just as the Chiropractic philosophy states that interference to the nervous system creates dis-ease in the body, interference to your sexual energy creates dis-ease in the body.

Scientists argue that your reproductive system is the most important system of the body, with the major organs being your external genitalia and internal organs.

Yet, in today’s society, it is often the most overlooked.

This disconnect from your sexual energy physically manifests as reproductive and sexual ailments such as ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, penile cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, sexually transmitted diseases, cysts, fibroids, etc… with the ultimate disconnect leading to your sexual organs being removed.

(An interesting note on cysts and fibroids – they are abnormal growths.  Growths are created by blocked energy, mostly blocked creative energy.  If your sexual creative energy isn’t used in a productive way, it will be used in destructive ways.)

Repressed and suppressed sexual energy, thoughts, feelings, desires, and urges never disappear; they just appear elsewhere.  Be it through the above-mentioned diseases, excess weight, anger, depression, addictions, frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, eating disorders, negative self image, lack of confidence, unhappiness, feelings of unworthiness, jealousy, insecurity, judgment, blockages, poverty, and scarcity in all realms of life.

The beauty of what I teach is that by learning how to harness this sexual energy within, all areas of your life will begin to transform, and you can heal yourself!

In Ancient Times

In ancient traditions, be it Taoism or Hinduism, sex was viewed in an entirely different context than it is in the West today.

Ayurvedic Medicine had ONE entire branch devoted to your sexual health and well-being.

The legendary Yellow Emperor wrote a great deal of knowledge in 2 pieces of work on ways to use your sexual energy to achieve vibrant health and longevity.  There are even works discussing how sexual energy is the ultimate ‘Fountain Of Youth’ leading to immortality.

Thousands of years ago, rather than being the ultimate sin, sexual energy was considered an important pathway to connect intimately with the divine.  The divine being a state of wholeness and completeness where you acknowledge the abundance that is implicit in all of us.  There is no longing for anything; there is an acknowledgement that everything you need or want, you have right within you.

However, there is sexual symbolism in all religions, but most people overlook it or don’t put the pieces together.

Instead, religion has made sex a sin and only a source for pro-creation (see images).However, there is an entire universe hidden inside of our genitals that when activated can provide us with infinite amounts of energy, power, beauty, longevity, creativity, wisdom, knowledge, abundance, health, vitality, and immortality.

What if sex and sexual energy, rather than being the ultimate sin, is one of the most important pathways to connect intimately with the Divine?


…a society who is connected to their sexual energy and utilizes it for their greater health, well-being, and abundance.

What would the world look like?


Is that why there’s such a big force at work programming us to repress our sexuality as much as possible…?