How To Become Multi-Orgasmic

Orgasms are amazing – they’re pleasurable, stress-relieving, and loaded with an array of health benefits.

But what’s more amazing than orgasms?

Being able to have multiple orgasms.

It’s fairly easy for women to have multiple orgasms because they don’t have a refractory period between each orgasm whereas the normal man has a time period of 45 minutes between each orgasm that includes ejaculating.

However, a man can just as easily become multi-orgasmic when he learns to separate his orgasm from ejaculation. There is no refractory period between the orgasms and he saves his energy (chi, life force, sexual energy) by not expelling it in his ejaculate.

This practice comes from the Taoists who were a group in China thousands of years ago who devoted their life to the practices of health and sexuality.

The idea of “no sex before the big game” has been around in the sports world for quite a few years, and lately, a lot of professional athletes are choosing abstinence before a big game or competition due to this very fact.  Little do they know they could have an orgasm without ejaculating, and still have plenty of energy left to compete.

Muhammad Ali actually stated that if he had to fight after ejaculating, he wouldn’t be able to fight for more than two minutes.  He would refrain from sex for 6 weeks before a big fight, with the intention of preserving and heightening his energy.

Want to know something else interesting?

Dr. Van Voorhies was studying worms (nematodes to be exact)… and now you may be wondering what worms have to do with human sexuality?

Well, surprisingly, in regards to sex, nematodes have the same genes and biochemical processes as humans.

In his study, he discovered that:

  • the first group which were allowed to mate freely lived an average of 8.1 days

  • the second group that weren’t allowed to mate lived an average of 11.1 days

  • the third group that were allowed to mate without ejaculation lived an average of 14 days

The conclusion:  the group that didn’t have to produce semen and ejaculate it lived almost twice as long as the ejaculating group.

This idea (especially relating to men), that ejaculation can be depleting is not just a Taoist or Tantric “theory.”  The ancient Greeks also spoke about the balance of the fluids within a man’s body and how excessive “leaking” of those fluids was detrimental to his physical and mental health.  Plato also stated that Olympians ought to avoid having sex before a competition.

If you’re a woman, you’ve experienced it all too well – your man cums and then literally passed out due to exhaustion.

Women don’t necessarily feel depleted after having orgasms, or even ejaculating (squirting) – but they may not reap the same high that they can by having multiple orgasms.

For men and women, when you learn to become multi-orgasmic, you don’t just have multiple orgasms that are localized to your genitals… but you tap into being able to have full body orgasms that move through your entire body and energize you!

What’s energizes you?

Sexual energy!

The Taoists believed that you have an energy circulating through every cell of your body, called chi.  Balancing this energy is the basis of Chinese Medicine.

Sexual energy was once considered the ‘fountain of youth’ – the key to longevity and rejuvenation.

Learning to control and flow this energy is the secret to achieving multiple orgasms and full body orgasms.

How can you begin to achieve this?

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A note of advice:  It is easier to achieve this first through self-pleasure or masturbation before trying to achieve it during sex with your partner, especially if your partner doesn’t understand what you’re trying to achieve.

Luckily, both my husband and I were able to achieve this on our own before meeting, and now can be facilitated by one another.  It does take your sex life to a whole new level when you both are on the same path of sexual discovery and exploration.

But I can promise you this… once you experience the power and bliss of multiple orgasms – you’ll never be able to return to how you did orgasms before!