Discussing Sex With Your Teen

WITHOUT It Being Awkward!

Learn 3 reasons WHY you need to discuss sex with your teen and HOW to break the ice easily and comfortably!

Here's What You'll Learn

young couple in bedroom, lying at bed

How To Free Yourself From Sexual Shame

More than 50% of couples can't discuss sex with their partner. If you can't discuss sex with your partner, how can you discuss it with your teen? 


Understand What They Already Know

Teens spend an average of 9 hours/day on their cell phone. Understand what they're doing, why it's an addiction, & what you can do to help them!


How To Break The Ice & Have The Talk

The average class time spent on sex education in high school is 4.2 hours. Learn how to educate your teen about sex so they don't learn elsewhere!


Meet Your Presenter

Dr. Shelly Persad

Dr. Shelly is a sex and relationship coach, tantra teacher, author, and speaker.

Her life passion is dedicated to freeing you from taboos so that you can have the body, relationship, and sex life that you desire!
The problem in today's society is that most people are misinformed about sex and are doing sex wrong because sex is still considered a taboo topic.
In helping many couples overcome their fear, shame, embarrassment and anxiety around sex, she has been asked by her clients to help them educate their kids.
She wants to educate you so you can educate them... before someone else does with misinformation!

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