3 Steps To Discussing Sex With Your Teen

Without It Being Awkward, Weird or Uncomfortable!

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Meanwhile, check out the upcoming eCourse launching June 1!

Are you ready to give your teen the sex education that you wish you had received?

Because if you don't... someone else will!

Studies show that out of 177 sexual health websites, 46% addressing contraception and 36% addressing abortion had incorrect information.  

Imagine how your relationships and sex life would be different if you had received the proper education about...

  • Safe Sex / Preventing Pregnancy & STD's

  • Your Body's Anatomy & Pleasure Spots

  • The Benefits of Masturbation

  • How To Communicate About Sex, Your Likes/Dislikes, Etc.

  • How To Say No

  • How To Not Feel Guilty or Shameful For Wanting Sexual Pleasure

  • How To Prevent Heartbreak

  • & Everything Else You Didn't Learn As A Teen

Join Dr. Shelly in a 4-week Master eCourse where she is going to give you the step-by-step tools and techniques that you need to be able to effectively educate your teen about sex (and all other taboo topics).

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  • Week 1:  Learn how to free yourself from your own taboos, fear, shame, & embarrassment so you can freely talk to your teen

  • Week 2:  Learn why your teen is addicted to social media AND what they're doing on social media that you probably aren't aware of

  • Week 3:  Learn what issues your teen is struggling with and what you can do about it

  • Week 4:  Learn how to break the ice with your teen and what you need to do to support them in this time of their life

What's Included

  • Live Coaching Calls

    The live portion of the eCourse will occur on weekly live coaching calls where you will be able to interact with Dr. Shelly and have your personal questions answered

  • Recorded MP3 Calls

    If you miss a live coaching call, no worries.  The calls will be recorded and sent to you as an MP3 file so you can listen to them at any time.

  • Unlimited E-Mail Coaching

    Receive 2 months of unlimited coaching over e-mail to help support you during this eCourse.  Valued at $100.

  • Bonus Class For Your Teen

    There will be a bonus class for your teen to be on a live call with Dr. Shelly to ask any questions that they may have.  (Followed by a homework exercise with you.)

Discussing Sex With Your Teen Master eCourse Launches June 1!

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