Cannabis – An Aphrodisiac?

Many people claim cannabis is a powerful aphrodisiac and some even claim it to be a ‘natural Viagra’.

This isn’t “new” news as cannabis has been to used to treat a number of ailments for thousands of years. However, with new strides being made in modern medicine, the many uses of cannabis have sparked the interest of researchers, especially hemp oil with high CBD.

One researcher, Dr. Mitch Earlywine, a psychology professor at SUNY Albany, claims that cannabis can enhance the body’s ability to experience orgasms.

“The CB1 receptor seems to be involved in improved tactile sensations and general euphoria,” he says, referring to the cannabinoid receptors in our nervous system that are activated by cannabis.

However, there is a difference between CBD and THC.

Research conducted at the University of Texas shows that men who took low to moderate doses of THC experienced increased sexual stamina and were more attentive to foreplay and technique. On the other hand, men who consumed large doses of THC tended lose interest and weren’t able to sustain an erection. (Basically, there were too high to get the job done!)

This study did not take into account what hemp oil with high CBD content could do for men and women sexually, however Eloise Thiesen, who sits on the board of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, seems to believe that hemp oil with high CBD content could be the game changer.

Besides, there are numerous reasons why people choose to use CBD, rather than THC, to obtain the benefits of cannabis. Whether you can’t commit to being in an altered state for any period of time, have kids running around, get tested at work for drugs, or don’t enjoy the psychoactive effects of THC, CBD can provide a wide range of the same health benefits without the high.

How can cannabis affect your sex life then?

  1. Quiets Your Mind
    For starters, and most importantly, CBD can help get you out of your head and into your body.  Basically, CBD tells the brain not to produce the chemicals associated with inflammation, fear, worry, stress, etc., and more and more researchers believe that CBD helps the mind to rid itself of traumatic memories.  Imagine what that can do for your sex life!

    The majority of women, and quite a few men, experience anxiety around sex. They feel self-conscious about their bodies – size, shape, smell, taste, arousal, responsiveness, sounds, etc. The list goes on and on. This is one of the most common complaints I hear from my clients is that they’re stuck in their heads during sex, which prevents them from letting go and enjoying the experience to the max. Any form of anxiety, stress, control-freak tendencies, or the inability to shut off the mind during sex is due to the prefrontal cortex in the brain being active. This part of the brain MUST shut down for you to have an orgasm, and CBD can help.

  2. Relieves Sexual Tension
    Lower dosages of THC and higher dosages of CBD does cause the endocannabinoid system to create “love molecules” within our brains that strip away inhibitions and fears, allowing you to go from conservative to a freak in the sheets. This helps your mood become more playful and physically exciting which are conducive to initiating foreplay, exploring fantasies, and acting out role play.

  3. Reduces Pain and Inflammation
    Pain puts a damper on anyone’s sex life – where’s the fun in having sex with chronic pain or inflammation? CBD has been shown to dramatically reduce pain and inflammation in the body. Say bye bye pain, and helloooooooooo sex life!

  4. Strengthens The Bond Between You and Your Partner
    CBD seems to cause people to think more clearly, vividly, and candidly which promotes communication and connection between a couple.  Also, when people are more aware of their bodies, they are also more aware of their connections with others, and this leads to increased bonding and heightened states of sensuality.

  5. Increases The Intensity Of Orgasms
    For millennia women have thanked cannabis for dramatically increasing the intensity of their orgasms. But it isn’t just women who get to reap the benefits of CBD… many men also claim that they can last longer, have stronger erections and experience more explosively memorable orgasms at lower THC, higher CBD dosages.

  6. Increases Sexual Libido
    Women appear to benefit from high CBD and have reported increased sexual libido. For men, we do know that lower dosages of THC can increase a man’s libido. However, many men report not just having better orgasms from CBD use, but MORE orgasms. Who doesn’t want to become multi-orgasmic?

So there you have it.  Stress, insecurity, anxiety, an over-active, worried mind, inhibitions, fears, pain, and inflammation melt away… and your sex life gets hotter!!

And the best part? There are no known toxic limits of CBD.  In states like Washington and Oregon, doctors are prescribing HUGE doses to patients with serious medical conditions and almost zero describe bad side effects, anxiety, fear, heart palpitations, etc.

I used to be anti-cannabis, but after years of doing my own research on all of the mind-blowing benefits of CBD and THC, I’m sold, and not just for the sexy benefits!

Which CBD oil do I use?

I’ve been using “Prime My Body’s CBD Oil” and highly, highly recommend it!